RPI is proud to offer the complete ODM line of benches, waste receptacles, stools, tables, bike racks, and many other site furnishings. The clean, unique design adds a rugged elegance to your site.

But functionality is key, and all items offer incredible durability. All ODM site furnishings are universally backed by a no-rust guarantee!

For more information and online specifications, please visit the ODM website, or request a printed brochure of ODM products.

B100 Series
Bold and elegant, the B100 is the perfect complement to modern architecture. Made of perforated sheet metal, it comes in three basic formats: straight, curved to be outward-facing, and curved to be inward-facing. B100 benches are available in a range of sizes and may be mobile, stationary, or wall-mounted. Available with or without backs and arms. For indoor or outdoor use.